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Tile & Slate Roofing Specialists

Tile and slate roofs can give a home an accent and a look like no other material available in today’s market. They are durable with life spans ranging from 50-100 years and possibly longer.

Colorful Roof Tiles

Because of their density and composite, tile and slate roofing provides a home with another layer of insulation. You can expect both of these materials to cost higher than a traditional asphalt roofing system, but serving as better insulating properties, tile and slate, from a long-term perspective, is considered a more energy-efficient material choice. Tile roofing systems and some slate systems allow air circulation under the application, reducing heat transfer to attics during fires.

Slate roofs also can add to construction cost for an underlying roof section because of the fact that it can support the additional weight. Slate roofs can weigh as much as 550 pounds per square. Some roofing manufacturers have come up with solutions to these issues by developing a man-made material that resembles slate with a 50-year warranty. They have exceptional beauty and provide the durability similar to traditional slate.

Slate nails are a critical part of a slate roofs life expectancy. The best nail for slate work, combining long life and a wide range of sizes, is copper A Standard copper slating nails are available in sizes from l/2 in. to 3 in. To figure nail length, double the thickness of the slate and add 3/4 for deck penetration.

Nailing is the most important skill required for good slate work. A nail must be driven far enough below the surface of the slate (into the countersunk hole made by the hammer) so that the slate above won’t rest on the head of the nail and provide a stress-inducing high spot. Conversely, the nail must not pull down so hard on the slate as to break it, The best way to nail a slate is to hold it down snug with one hand and then sneak the nails in just below the surface. Experience will teach you when you‘ve nailed wrong, but only at a price.

Slate nails act more like hangers than fasteners. They are holding the slates on the roof, not holding them to it. If you could pick up a properly nailed slate roof and give it a good shake, the slates would be loose enough to rattle.

Slate is the ideal roofing material. It won’t erode or burn, and for the most part it won’t wear out. We are not saying that a slate roof will never need replacement or repair. But it is important to keep in mind that a roof is a system of its materials and a slate roof is made up of more than just pieces of sedimentary rock pulled from a quarry, split by hand and cut into rectangles. The integrity of a system comes from all of its components-the slate itself, the flashings, the fasteners and the under-layment ­acting in concert.

Slate roofing has proved itself to be durable and worth the investment

From years past to the present, natural slate roofing has proved itself to be durable and worth the investment. But durability isn’t the only advantage to having a slate roof. Even with its popularity, there is so much more than what meets the eye. Natural slate roofing is said to be an everlasting material. When properly installed, natural slate roofing far exceeds all other roofing materials. If you are done worrying about how your roof will hold up during the winter months, if you are ready for a roof that can enhance the quality of the appearance of your home, it’s time to switch to natural slate roofing. It’s time to make a worthwhile investment on your home. With slate roofing, you get a unique roof with a good return on investment.

With aesthetic appeal, slate roofing is not only an asset in appearance, but in the design of the roof it sits on. Slate roof is a quality roofing material, as it is longer lasting and stronger to fight Mother Nature. But material is not the only matter of importance. Along with having natural slate roofing, it is important to have a roof with a pitched roof. Along with its nice shape and unique aesthetics, the steeper the pitch is on a roof, the longer the roof will last. So what’s stopping you? With a steep roof and strong roofing material, you will find that battling the storm is no longer an issue. With natural slate roofing, you’ve already won.

As the only natural hand made roofing material, slate is ready to provide your roof with strong, dependable, and lasting service. A natural product, hand fashioned, just for you. Because of this, no two slates can be alike. You are guaranteed a unique home with unique roofing. Charming millions, natural slate roofing is ready to last long winters and rainy nights with you. Get natural slate roofing and enjoy many years of safety and security.

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